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IDEAL Amplifier Probe

Product Code: ID01-2106
Manufacturer: Ideal

If you install, maintain or troubleshoot LAN cabling and networks, the IDEAL SignalTEK NT allows you to prove the performance of copper / fibre cabling and Ethernet networks. Just select a suitable scenario to simulate the appropriate service, from VoIP to CCTV, Video, and web traffic.

Before upgrading or adding IP devices to your network you can simulate the additional traffic that will be generated, ensuring that the network has enough capacity without degrading performance.

Where cable warranties are not required, the SignalTEK NT is a cost effective way of proving your copper, fibre and LAN networks provide error-free performance at Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates.

To achieve this the SignalTEK NT utilises a method known as transmission testin to prove the performance of a network by sending real Ethernet data frmes through the cabling and/or network devices to Pas/Fail of the link tested.

Other testers perform an incomplete test of the physical layer, which means that passing a qualification test does not prove that a cable will provide flawless data transmission.

Features of the IDEAL SignalTEK NT include:

• Data cable (copper and fibre) and network performance testing
• SImulation of real world data traffic
• Provides pass / fail results according to IEEE802.ab standard
• Data cabling and network faukt finding
• 5000 internal tests
• Choice of 3 report in csv or pdf (Summary, Full and Brief)
• Replaceable RJ45 contacts to reduce cost of ownership
• Distance to fault and cable length
• Simulates VoIP, CCTV, Video, and web traffic
Download and view reports on your mobile device using the IDEAL AnyWARE (Available as a free download)

SignalTEK NT applications include:

• Structured copper cable and optical cable transmission test
• Network transmission tester - simulates IP camera, VoIP, Web and Video
• PoE test for VoIP, IP camera, Wi-Fi Access Point installation and troubleshooting
• IP network connectivity testing
• Port ID and Switch ID detection
• Reporting and auditing network installation using IDEAL AnyWARE application.

SignalTEK NT components include the following:

SignalTEK NT - Network Transmission Tester
1xDisplay Unit, 1 x Remote Unit, 2 x NiMH Battery Packs, 2 x 30cm Cat5e STP Patch Cables, 2 x Power Supply with EU/UK/US adaptors, 1 x Quick reference Guide, 1 x Carry Case

SignalTEK NT - 1000BASE-SX Fibre Kit
1 x 850nm SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) SX Transceiver, Cable and Connector Set (LC/LC ans LC/SC duplex multimode cables and SC/SC duplex adaptor)

SingalTEK NT - 1000BASE-LX Fibre Kit
1 x 1310nm SFP LX Transceiver, Cable and Connector Set (as per 1000BASE-SX kit)

SignalTEK NT - 1000 BASE-ZX Fibre Kit
1 x 1550nm SFP ZX Transceiver, Cable and Connector Set (as per 1000BASE-SX kit)

SignalTEK - Active Remote Set
Set of Active Remotes Numbers 2 to 12

IDEALAmplifier Probe

SignalTEK - RJ45 Insert Extraction Tool Kit
1 x RJ45 Insert Extraction Tool, 10 x Lifejack RJ45 Inserts

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