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GJD Opal RFX Wireless Exterior Detector

Product Code: GJ03-0005
Manufacturer: GJD

The GJD RFX is a robust external 35 metre passive infra-red intruder detector designed to detect and transmit reliable event-based triggers to the weatherproof RFX-3 Receiver.

These combined units enable the simultaneous or individual control of cameras, VCRs, DVRs and virtually all low-voltage switching requirements.

All sensors are SAW stabilised and are individually identified with one of over 16 million possible transmission codes allowing no feasible restriction to the amount of RFX-3 receivers required for any application. For ease of setup the Opal RFX incorporate a simple plug-in code memory transfer system to the receiver.

On installation the integral, dual axis bracket of the sensor allows 180° of pan and 90° of tilt ensuring the accurate aiming of the detection beams over the area being covered. The ABS vandal resistant housing has a UV stabilised translucent front cover to provide additional protection to the optics.

More importantly, this effective design gives no visible indication to an intruder as to the orientation of the detector head. The weatherproof receiver with front and rear tamper output, can be positioned in line of sight up to 150 metres away from where the detectors are installed. The active state of up to three Opal RFX passive detectors is constantly monitored by each RFX-3 receiver.

All activity signals are directed to their respective volt free outputs and in addition there are a further nine individual monitoring and information outputs.

The unrivivalled flexibility of the system caters for any industrial, commercial or domestic intruder detection requirement and can also easily integrate with all of the GJD range of security lighting and CCTV controllers.

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