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GJD Laser-Watch Laser Surveillance Sensor

Product Code: GJ03-0063
Manufacturer: GJD

The GJD Laser-Watch, Laser Surveillance Sensor, can be used as a standalone unit or as  part of a system with multiple IP surveillance sensors and IP cameras connected to a server. Utilising Power over Ethernet (PoE) and network alarms enables a cost effective installation, it requires only a single ethernet cable. Additionally, its web based user interface is an intuitive way of fine tuning sensor settings and configuring network alarms for integration with all network based surveillance software.

 Utilising eye safe invisible infra-red laser pulses, emitted at 400 Hz, if an object appears in the line of sight of the unit, the object will generate reflections. These refelctions are detected by the sensor, analysed and the location of the object calculated with great accuracy. Since the sensor not only detects an intrusion, but also knows the exact position of the object, good use can be made of the alarm settings which are extremely adaptable. For example, the sensorcan be set to react only on cars in a specific lane, to alarm only if an object has stopped or if a car door opens, while all other activities are ignored.

The GJD Laser-Watch is deisgned from the ground up with high accuracy object detection in mind, making the Laser-Watch stand out in terms of reliability and accuracy when compared to systems using video analytics or infra-red. Based on advanced laser sensor technologies the Laser-Watch works without reflectors up to 500 metres, detecting static and moving objects with high precision, regardless of lighting conditions.

For more information on this and other GJD products contact the NBM Sales Team.

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