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GJD Elite 12V External PIR Detector - White

Product Code: GJ03-0008
Manufacturer: GJD

The GJD Elite PIR Detector offers a high level of adaptabilty. There are seven different modes of operation, giving various permutations of normally open and normally closed arrangements for the two pairs of volt-free relays, plus a selection of timing and functional options for the relay changeover contacts.

Other programmable parameters include the duration of timed changeover, a pulse count feature and a choice of detection ranges from 10 to 35 metres. The units are available in either burgundy or white colour.

Features of the Elite PIR are:

• Digitl ASIC microprocessor control
• Output test mode with LED indication
• Area reduction mask (if required)
• Non0volatile memory
• Digital white light filter
• Wall or pole mounting
• Conformally coated electronics for increased stability
• High immunity against RFI - BS EN 50081-1:1992
• High reistance to EMC - BS EN 50130-4:1996
• 100% test verification

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