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GJD D-TECT Laser 25m x 25m

Product Code: GJ03-0045
Manufacturer: GJD

The GJD D-TECT Laser Motion Detectors are a Laser based security / safety device designed to protect goods and buildings against theft, vandalism and intrusion ot to allow for the safe operation of industrial doors. The high precision sensor ensures reliable and accurate motion detection.

Applications include:

• Protection against theft and vandalism
• Perimeter protection / intrusion detection
• Protection of data rooms and servers
• Protection and safety of industrial doors

Ease of installation:

• Three visible red Laser beams can be activated to align the detection surface and adjust the tilt and rotation angles
• Teach-in function: Self learning of both environment and background through an automatic adjustment of the detection planes
• Remote control to easily set the adjustment parameters

Features include:

• Typical detection angles 25m x 25m, 9.9m x 9.9m and 5m x 5m
• Capacity to detect or ignore objects with a remission factor down to 2%
• Covert operation: the LED display can be switched off with the remote control
• Four adjsutable sensing curtains to provide alarm and pre-alarm warning
• High immunity to environmental interference using dedicated time of flight software
• Discreet design with optional black or white housing
• IP65, indoor or outdoor applications

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