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Product Code: Firecell cable
Manufacturer: NBM

Firecel SR 114H Standard Fire Cable is primarily intended for use in fire detection and fire alarm systems, emergency lighting circuits or if cables need to properly operate when fire resistance is required.


BS 5839-1:2002 – Code of practice for fire system design,
installation, commissioning and maintenance.

BS 7629-1:2008 – Low emission of smoke and corrosive gases.

BS EN 50200 PH30 (all sizes) – Temperature: 830°C, Flame and
shock for 30 minutes.

BS EN 50200 PH60 (1.5mm² and above) – Temperature: 830°C,
Flame and shock for 60 minutes.

EN 50200 Annex E (previously BS 8434-1: 2003) – Temperature:
830°C, Flame and shock for 15 minutes, + flame, shock and water
for 15 minutes.

BS 6387 – Category C-W-Z (C - Resistance to fire at 950ºC for 3
hours, W - Resistance to fire with water at 950ºC for 3 hours,

Z - Resistance to fire with mechanical shock at 950ºC for 3 hours).

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