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Product Code: silverfox-labels
Manufacturer: Silver Fox

Silver Fox is a well established UK company manufacturing a range of specialist labelling products for the Electrical, Mechanical and Data and Telecommunications markets.

Labelling systems developed by Silver Fox are designed to maximise time savings, as well as producing long lasting durable products that are proven with independent testing.

Products from Silver Fox include:

• Thermal Printed Labels

• Laser Printed Labels

• Endurance Labels

• Warning Signs and Labels

A wide variety of label formats are available including:

• Tie-on labels

• Heatshrink and non-heatshtink tube labels

• Wraparound labels

• Fibre optic cable cables

• Data outlet and patch panel labels

Silver Fox have also developed a software package design to complement their own thermal printing system as well as being able to produce labels on a standard laser printer.

For more information on the Silver Fox range contact the NBM Sales Team or take a look at the overview brochure below.

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