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Manufacturers/Hanwha Techwin CCTV and Surveillance Cameras

Hanwha Techwin has developed a formidable range of IP network video surveillance CCTV equipment.

Wisenet ProductsOur partnership with Hanwha Techwin allows us to offer solutions utilising their broad range of Wisenet IP network video surveillance cameras, indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras, open platform, IP Security, recording devices and management software which provide cost-effective options for small offices and shops, as well as ultra-high performance solutions for high security and mission critical commercial applications.

What separates them from its competitors is the long list of innovative features built into the cameras which deliver tangible benefits and outstanding value to customers. In addition, the massive processing power of the open platform chipsets at the heart of Wisenet cameras provides the opportunity to run multiple on-board third-party analytics applications in the same way Apps are used on smartphones.

Wisenet ProductsWith specialist edge based analytics solutions offered as a retrofit option or out-of-box to ensure seamless integration and easy installation, Wisenet cameras are able to elevate video surveillance from just being a security system which helps monitor and detect suspicious activity, to a smart solution which delivers so much more.


Why Choose Wisenet?

  • They make their own proprietary chipset and lenses
  • They have a wide range of innovative features built into the Wisenet cameras
  • Their unique video compression technology called WiseStream II can reduce data by up to 99%, when combined with H.265 compression. WiseStream is available on Wisenet Q, P and X series cameras
  • The massive processing power of the open platform chipsets is at the heart of Wisenet cameras
  • Camera integration with multiple on-board 3rd party analytics applications

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